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10 Exquisite Sparkling Wines For New Years Celebration

10 Exquisite Sparkling Wines For New Years Celebration

Posted on December 12th, 2023

As the clock ticks towards midnight, marking the beginning of a new year, there's an air of excitement and anticipation. 

Sparkling wines, with their effervescent charm, become the centerpiece of these celebrations, embodying the spirit of renewal and festivity. 

Choosing the right sparkling wine is more than a mere selection; it's about capturing the essence of the moment, the culmination of a year's journey, and the toast to a hopeful future. 

From the pop of the cork to the delicate dance of bubbles in the glass, these wines are a sensory delight, making every New Year's celebration truly memorable. 

This year, elevate your celebration with our curated selection of sparkling wines, each offering a unique story and taste. 

In this blog post, we'll explore the world of new year's sparkling wine, providing insights and recommendations to help you find the perfect bottle. Whether you're a connoisseur or new to the world of wines, our selections cater to every palate, ensuring your New Year's toast is as special as the moment itself. 

Get ready to embark on a sparkling journey, where tradition meets taste, and every sip is a celebration.

The Essence of Choosing the Right New Year Wines

Selecting the perfect sparkling wine for your New Year's celebration is not just about taste; it's about creating an experience. The right bottle can set the tone for the evening, reflecting the joy and sophistication of the occasion. Sparkling wines come in a variety of styles, from the sweet and fruity to the dry and complex, each offering a different sensory experience. Understanding these nuances can enhance your celebration, making each toast more meaningful.

A World of Sparkling Choices

When it comes to choosing a sparkling wine, the options are as diverse as they are delightful. Traditional choices like Champagne and Prosecco have long been favorites, known for their classic appeal and festive bubbles. However, the world of sparkling wines extends far beyond these familiar names. From the crisp, apple-like notes of a Cava to the rich, berry flavors of a sparkling red, there's a world of flavors waiting to be discovered. This diversity allows you to tailor your selection to your taste preferences and the theme of your celebration, ensuring your New Year's toast is as unique as you are.

Discovering a Premier Wine Destination

At the heart of every memorable New Year's celebration is a bottle of exquisite wine, and finding that perfect bottle is an experience in itself. This is where Donzella Wines' Wine Shop comes into play, offering an unparalleled selection of sparkling wines to suit every palate and preference. Whether you're looking for a classic Champagne or an adventurous new sparkling variety, our Wine Shop is a treasure trove of fine wines, each carefully selected for its quality and character. Our commitment to offering only the best is evident in each bottle that graces our shelves, ensuring that your New Year's toast is not just a moment, but a memory.

A Haven for Wine Lovers

What sets Donzella Wines' Wine Shop apart is not just the extensive range of sparkling wines but also the expertise and passion that guide each recommendation. Our knowledgeable staff understands the nuances of each wine, helping you navigate through our collection to find your perfect match. Whether you're hosting a grand New Year's Eve party or a cozy gathering, our Wine Shop caters to all your needs, making the selection process as enjoyable as the celebration itself. We invite you to explore our collection and embark on a journey of taste and elegance. 

10 Exquisite Sparkling Wines for Your New Year's Toast

As we turn our focus to the highlight of this guide, we present a handpicked selection of 10 sparkling wines from Donzella Wines. Each wine has been chosen for its distinctive qualities, ensuring that your New Year's toast is nothing short of spectacular. Whether your preference leans towards sweet or dry, light or full-bodied, our selection covers the entire spectrum of sparkling wines, offering something for every taste and occasion.

1. Nivole Dessert Wine (Michele Chiarlo Nivole Moscato d'Asti) - £12.50

A delightful Moscato d'Asti, Nivole Dessert Wine is a sweet, effervescent treat that captures the essence of celebration. With its light body and notes of peach and apricot, this wine is perfect for those who prefer a sweeter toast to ring in the new year.

2. Filacorta Prosecco Oro Millesimato Doc 2013 (Ca del Sette) - £282.80

Elevate your celebration with the luxurious Filacorta Prosecco Oro Millesimato. This premium Prosecco, from the renowned Ca del Sette, brings an elegant complexity to your New Year's toast, offering a harmonious blend of crispness and fruitiness.

3. Franciacorta Saten Docg 2016 (Franca Contea Millesimato) - £35.50

Embrace the sophistication of Franciacorta Saten, a sparkling wine that epitomizes elegance. The 2016 vintage from Franca Contea Millesimato, with its creamy texture and subtle notes of citrus and almond, offers a refined choice for those seeking a luxurious and nuanced wine to toast the new year.


For a unique twist, the BELFRESCO IGT ROSSSO 2021 from TENUTA IUZZOLINI stands out. This sparkling red wine, with its rich berry flavors and velvety finish, is an excellent choice for those looking to add a bold and vibrant touch to their New Year's celebration.

5. Champagne Deutz - £50.20

No New Year's celebration is complete without the classic touch of Champagne, and Champagne Deutz is a testament to this tradition. Known for its balance and depth, with hints of apple and brioche, this Champagne is a timeless choice for toasting to new beginnings.

6. Prosecco DOC Millesimato 2022 (Famiglia Boron) - £14.50

Delight in the fresh and fruity character of Prosecco DOC Millesimato 2022 from Famiglia Boron. This sparkling wine, with its light body and vibrant acidity, is ideal for those who enjoy a more casual yet utterly enjoyable New Year's toast.

7. Rosaperla Spumante V.S. Extra dry (Althea) - £17.50

Explore the charm of Rosaperla Spumante V.S. Extra Dry from Althea, a sparkling wine that brings a touch of elegance to any celebration. With its delicate bubbles and crisp, floral notes, this wine is perfect for those who appreciate a dry, yet refreshing toast to the new year.

8. Prosecco di Valdobbiadine Superiore Extra Dry (Althea 2021) - £18.50

Elevate your celebration with the Prosecco di Valdobbiadine Superiore Extra Dry from Althea. This 2021 vintage exudes sophistication with its harmonious blend of fruity and floral aromas. Its extra dry profile offers a crisp, refreshing finish, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a refined yet approachable sparkling wine.

9. Essenza del Pozzo buono Doc 2020 Lacrima Di Morro D'alba (Vicary) - £22.25

Discover the unique character of Essenza del Pozzo buono, a distinctive sparkling wine from Vicary. The 2020 Lacrima Di Morro D'alba variety presents a rare combination of aromatic intensity and delicate effervescence, offering a memorable experience for those looking to explore beyond traditional sparkling wines.

10. Perl Secco Sparkling Red Wine - £7.50

Conclude your sparkling wine journey with the intriguing Perl Secco Sparkling Red Wine. This selection stands out for its exceptional value and robust flavor profile. Ideal for those who enjoy a fuller-bodied sparkling wine, it offers a lively and satisfying way to ring in the new year.

This carefully curated selection of 10 sparkling wines from Donzella Wines showcases the breadth and depth of our collection. From classic Champagnes to innovative sparkling reds, each wine has been chosen to ensure your New Year's celebration is filled with joy, elegance, and unforgettable flavors.

Pairing Your Sparkling Wines

The art of pairing sparkling wines with food is a delightful journey that enhances the overall experience of your New Year's celebration. The right combination can elevate both the wine and the dish, creating a harmonious balance of flavors. As we explore pairing options, remember that the key is to complement the wine's characteristics with the flavors of the food.

Sparkling and Savory

Sparkling wines, with their effervescence and varying degrees of sweetness, are incredibly versatile when it comes to food pairings. For dryer sparkling wines, like Franciacorta Saten or Prosecco di Valdobbiadine, consider savory appetizers such as bruschetta, cured meats, or creamy cheeses. These wines cut through the richness of the food, providing a refreshing contrast.

Sweet Sparklings and Desserts

For sweeter sparkling wines, like Nivole Dessert Wine, pairings with desserts can be a match made in heaven. Try it with fruit tarts, creamy pastries, or even a classic New Year's panettone. The sweetness of the wine complements the desserts, enhancing the flavors and creating a satisfying finish to your meal.


As we bid farewell to another year and welcome the new one, a bottle of sparkling wine from Donzella Wines can transform your celebration into an extraordinary event. Our selection of exquisite sparkling wines is curated to ensure that your New Year's toast is as special as the occasion itself. 

We invite you to explore our sparkling wine collection and choose the perfect wine to mark the beginning of a hopeful and joyous year. For any assistance or to explore more options, don't hesitate to reach out to us at +44 (123) 471 3655 or [email protected]. Let Donzella Wines be a part of your celebration, and raise a glass to new beginnings with style and elegance.

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