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Best Italian Red Wines To Try!

Best Italian Red Wines To Try!

One of the iconic Italian red wines. It opens in an aromatic explosion of red flower potpourri and plum, with subtle notes of modica chocolate and wild fennel. On the palate it is compact yet enveloping, featuring remarkable extract paired with sinewy acidity for an exceptional lasting finish.


Barolo wine is produced using Nebbiolo grapes grown in Piedmont. Due to the unique soil and climate conditions found here, making Barolo is both difficult and costly; yet considered among the world's finest red wines.

Full and vibrant bright red in colour, its captivating perfume features floral notes such as iris, violet, peony and fragrant cherry, pomegranate and gingery-like flavours for an exquisite and silky mouth feel. Long and complex with extraordinary persistence in finish.

Even in a highly anticipated vintage such as 2017, quality Barolos should provide great pleasure - but many require additional years in bottle to reach their peak potential.


Barbaresco stands as a testament to Piedmontese Nebbiolo wines' elegance. Renowned as "the last word in elegance," this Italian red wine makes an essential investment for collectors.

This vintage of Barbaresco has received much criticism, yet some producers made extraordinary wines nonetheless. One such producer is Casa Vinicola Manduria which produced this rich, full-bodied red with stunning phenolic extract that conveys their Manduria terroir vividly.

An introduction to Italy's most distinctive red wine variety. Packed with delicious fresh red fruit flavors and delicate red pepper notes balanced by refined tannins and great acidity; an ideal red for pairing with anything.

Brunello di Montalcino

Brunello di Montalcino is an iconic Tuscan wine and one of Italy's premier labels, made from a superior clone of Sangiovese grape. Boasting bold notes like ripe cherry, wild raspberry and medicinal herbs.

Chianti Classico

A versatile wine from Tuscany that pairs well with pizza and grilled meats. Age-worthy as well! Chianti Classico. A fantastic entry level Italian red that pairs beautifully.


There's something irresistibly luxurious about the full-bodied Italian red wine Amarone della Valpolicella. Produced in north-eastern Italy near Verona using appassimento (drying) technology to concentrate sugars and create its trademark bitterness - as well as its high alcohol content (16% or above).

The complex aromatic profile is highlighted by ripe cherries, notes of licorice, roasted hazelnuts and medicinal herbs. The mouthfeel is dense with sensational extract, iodized sapidity and vigorous grip - perfect for sipping.

Amarone wine is an ideal companion for earthy dishes and lean meats, as well as dark chocolate and mature cheeses. Enjoy! Amarone red wine from Italy.


From Aosta Valley comes this limited-production Nebbiolo of exceptional structure and longevity. Packed full of irresistibly satisfying fresh and dried dark fruit flavour, with an irresistibly peppery spice note for balance.

Aromatically seductive with notes of ripe cherry, wild raspberry, tar and woody notes; on the palate sumptuous with its sculptural body enhanced by minerality that adds sparkle.

Tuscan Syrah is an exquisite wine, suitable for any special event or celebration. Boasting lush texture and classic red fruit aromas combined with soil minerality to produce an extraordinary experience of taste and aromas that is irresistibly intensely flavorful.

Rosso di Montalcino

Rosso di Montalcino is an exceptionally vibrant young wine, often considered its younger sibling of Brunello, produced from Sangiovese grapes. With its elegant structure and crisp freshness, Rosso di Montalcino makes a delicious accompaniment for various cuisines and is widely considered enjoyable by everyone.

Italy's astonishing array of indigenous grape varieties provides something to satisfy every palate, with power-packed Barolo wines from Piedmont being ideal; for elegance and perfumed aromas look no further than Barbaresco or Brunello; while those looking for fruitier wines should reach for Tuscan Syrah or Sicilian Marsala from Sicily - which you can find online wine store Enoteca Properzio.

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