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Exploring the Elegance of Gavi Wines: The Story of Picollo Ernesto Vineyard

Exploring the Elegance of Gavi Wines: The Story of Picollo Ernesto Vineyard

In the heart of the renowned Gavi region, where the rolling hills of Piedmont, Italy, meet the delicate whisper of the Ligurian Sea, lies a vineyard that has mastered the art of crafting exceptional Gavi wines. Picollo Ernesto Vineyard stands as a testament to the dedication, passion, and expertise that characterize the world of Italian winemaking.

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Discovering Gavi Wines:

Gavi, a small town in the Piedmont region, is celebrated for producing high-quality white wines made from the Cortese grape. These wines, known as Gavi or Gavi di Gavi, are recognized for their crisp acidity, citrusy notes, and the ability to capture the essence of the region's terroir.

Picollo Ernesto: A Legacy of Excellence:

At the heart of the Gavi wine tradition is Picollo Ernesto Vineyard, a family-owned estate with a legacy dating back generations. Ernesto Picollo, the steward of this esteemed vineyard, has dedicated his life to nurturing the vines and crafting wines that reflect the unique characteristics of the Gavi terroir.

Vineyard Terroir:

Situated in the renowned Gavi di Gavi DOCG appellation, Picollo Ernesto Vineyard benefits from a terroir that combines the ideal soil composition, elevation, and climate to cultivate exceptional Cortese grapes. The vineyard's location allows for optimal ripening, resulting in wines with a perfect balance of acidity and fruit expression.

Craftsmanship in Winemaking:

Ernesto Picollo's commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of the winemaking process. From meticulous vineyard management to the careful selection of grapes during harvest, Picollo Ernesto Vineyard prioritizes excellence at every step. The winery combines traditional winemaking techniques with modern innovation, ensuring that each bottle reflects the family's dedication to producing exceptional Gavi wines.

Signature Wines:

Picollo Ernesto Vineyard is particularly renowned for its Gavi wines, with a flagship offering that captures the essence of the Gavi di Gavi DOCG appellation. The wines are characterized by their vibrant acidity, floral aromas, and a distinctive minerality that sets them apart. Ernesto Picollo's mastery in blending tradition with innovation results in wines that are not only true to their roots but also embrace the evolving palate of today's wine enthusiasts.

Visiting Picollo Ernesto Vineyard:

For those eager to experience the magic of Picollo Ernesto wines firsthand, the vineyard welcomes visitors with open arms. A tour of the vineyard provides a glimpse into the winemaking process, from the vine to the bottle. Tastings allow visitors to savor the craftsmanship that goes into each vintage, creating a memorable and educational experience for wine enthusiasts.


Picollo Ernesto Vineyard stands as a beacon of excellence in the Gavi wine landscape, producing wines that showcase the rich terroir of the region. Ernesto Picollo's commitment to tradition, paired with a keen eye for innovation, ensures that every bottle tells a story of heritage, craftsmanship, and the enduring allure of Gavi wines. For those seeking a taste of Piedmont's finest, Picollo Ernesto is an undisputed destination for the discerning wine lover.

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