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Five Dry White Wines From Italy

Five Dry White Wines From Italy

Frascati from Rome's hills or Pecorino from Abruzzo offer refreshing, versatile white wines.

Soave is an acclaimed dry white wine from northwest Italy made with Garganega and Trebbiano di Soave grapes, often labeled DOCG for an even higher level of quality.


Soave DOC wine region lies to the west of Verona (home of Romeo and Juliet), producing exclusively white wines. 

These typically feature Garganega grapes blended with up to 30% Trebbiano as well as other local traditional varieties for flavorful results that include stone fruit, melons, citrus fruits and even savory herbs.

Soave may have earned itself a poor rep for overproduction and generic bottles; however, quality producers have begun producing exceptional single vineyard bottlings that showcase the unique terroir of its hills. 

This zippy dry wine pairs well with seafood as a light chill. Search out those from higher elevation which feature concentrated lemon, peach and brine flavors - they may provide greater enjoyment.

Etna Bianco

Sicilian white blend led by Carricante grape, this wine displays delicate citrus and orchard fruit aromas balanced by floral tones, balanced by tartness that provides balance at its core; over time it even develops soft honey tones.

Ponzini noted that Etna Bianco demand is rising fast, and she expects it to surpass Etna Rosso production by the end of 2024 in terms of bottle production. Furthermore, this wine does not cannibalize sales of richer red wines like Nerello Mascalese.

Benanti began bottling this wine in 2017 from their Contrada Cavaliere vineyard on Mount Etna's southwestern slope, which lies lower and cooler than Milo and helps preserve acidity against hot, dry temperatures - offering something different than wines grown at higher elevations like Milo.


Biancolella grapes, native to Ischia island, produce this refreshing white wine that showcases their distinctive variety.

Aromas of fresh, mineral and citrus fruit aromas combine with floral tones in this moderately crisp wine, pairing perfectly with light appetizers or first dishes featuring fish or shellfish as main courses.

Campi Flegrei, Costa d'Amalfi and Capri all use Ischia as a basis for their basic white wines, often blended with Forastera for maximum versatility. However, this single vineyard wine showcases this native variety beautifully while pairing beautifully with seafood dishes; truly an Ischian treasure from this millenary region!

Greco di Tufo

Greco di Tufo is a full-bodied white wine that showcases fruit flavors like peaches and pears. Its signature minerality, created from its origins in Italy's rich soils of tuff and sulfurous rocks, creates a stunning counterpoint between fruitiness and minerality and adds a distinct sense of place in every glass of Greco di Tufo.

Campania, a region spanning from the Adriatic Sea to Apennine mountains, is where grapevines have their origins. Campania derives its name from Tufo in Avellino province where this small town lies tucked away.

Greco is becoming more widespread across Italy, finding homes in cool-climate regions across the nation.

Pinot Bianco

Crisp, refreshing white wines known for high acid and minerality levels. Edi Keber Collio (a blend of Friulano, Malvasia and Ribolla Gialla aged for 10 years in barrique) stands out as an exceptional example, boasting deep complexity with lasting aromas.

Pinot Bianco from Alto Adige and select parts of Friuli boasts vibrant fragrances of apple, wildflower and beeswax that unfold into flavors such as Kaiser pear and mineral on the palate - with vibrant acidity thanks to strong tannins from oak barrel aging. These wines offer a tantalizing array of flavors - particularly those like Alois Lageder Haberlehof Pinot Bianco from Alto Adige!

Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio may have fallen out of favor recently, but there are still wonderful examples available to us today. From Alsace or Alto Adige there are exquisite single vineyard Pinot Grigios available which demonstrate that this varietal can be more than an entry level white.

Pinot grigio wines tend to have light to medium bodies with delicate mouthfeels and floral and citrus flavors that pair perfectly with lighter seafood dishes like lobster and herb-infused pasta or fish dishes. They pair particularly well when served chilled.

Chardonnay boasts a fuller profile, boasting aromas that span tropical fruits to citrus and oak-derived flavors. It pairs perfectly with creamy cheeses, salty olives or jelly for an enjoyable dining experience.

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