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How to Become an Italian Wine Expert

How to Become an Italian Wine Expert

No matter your experience level, learning Italian wines can be daunting - but there are numerous helpful resources out there to make learning simpler.

There are various options for learning Italian wine online or through traditional classes - books, classes online or even courses to become a certified Italian Wine Professional are all possible ways of approaching it.

1. Learn the Basics

There's much to discover when it comes to Italian wine, but whether you're an experienced enthusiast or newcomer there are a few key tips you should remember when starting out.

Start by familiarizing yourself with the varieties used in Italy. Each variety boasts distinct properties - Trebbino stands out for its crispiness and acidity while Lambrusco boasts sparkling nature as well as cherry flavor characteristics.

Another key consideration in wine appreciation is wine classification systems. Italy uses similar classification systems to France, with DOCG wines having strict regulations and DOC wines having looser regulations; then there are also IGT wines like those found in Tuscany's famous Super Tuscan wines that fall between these categories.

Understand the significance of pairing wine and food. Most Italian wines tend to have higher acidity levels that may make them harsh, sour, or sharp on their own. As such, they're meant to be enjoyed alongside delicious Italian food like Porcini Tagliatelle and slices of Bresaola salumi for optimal enjoyment.

2. Start Tasting

An open mind is crucial when exploring wine. While most are familiar with popular varieties such as Pinot Grigio, Chianti Classico, and Barolo from Italy, each grape variety can produce very different types of wines; fruitier ones may have higher alcohol contents while some could even contain higher levels. Newcomers to wine tasting or drinking may become stuck on certain styles if their palate doesn't like what they try first time around.

As much as possible, it is also beneficial to sample wines outside Italy in order to gain a better appreciation for Italian wine. Finally, be sure to wear comfortable shoes. Wineries often feature uneven footing or hills; bring shoes that support you comfortably for walking uphill or uneven ground; additionally it may be wise to avoid wearing earrings that dangle, which could knock over glasses or interfere with spitting; this will ensure your safety and comfort during wine tasting!

3. Get Educated

Navigating the wine industry can be daunting without adequate knowledge, so becoming educated is crucial. WSET courses provide just that service; their range of beginner-focused and more professional classes provides everything needed to succeed in wine.

Discovering Italian Wine is an engaging online course designed to introduce novice wine enthusiasts to Italy's complex wines in an approachable and engaging way. The course includes visuals and exercises online as well as a final exam designed to assess your knowledge. Those who pass will earn a Certificate of Achievement upon successful completion.

WSET's Exploring Italian Wine program is an excellent choice for anyone wishing to gain more knowledge about Italy's classic wine regions, producers and history. Furthermore, this course equips learners to sit the Unit 1 exam of their Italian Wine Scholar credential/pin. Unit 2 exams cover Central and Southern Italy separately.

4. Master the Language

Learning Italian involves more than learning words, phrases and grammar: you must also master its pronunciation. This process takes time and practice - be patient as it takes repetition to fully absorb this new language! One fun way to gain exposure to Italian is finding a native speaking friend or joining Tandem or HelloTalk where you can team up with someone learning English or another language simultaneously.

After successfully completing this program, you will feel prepared to confidently select, taste, and recommend Italian wines to customers and guests. It is an ideal solution for hospitality workers, avid collectors or anyone wanting to expand their wine knowledge. Courses are carefully tailored towards an exam that grants Italian Wine Professional certification facilitated by highly credentialed VIA Italian Wine Ambassadors; their assistance will help make this journey effortless!

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