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How to Open Voga Italia Sparkling Wine Correctly

How to Open Voga Italia Sparkling Wine Correctly

Know how to open sparkling wine correctly is key for delivering flawless bottle service - this quick tutorial shows you exactly how!

VOGA Italia wines are boldly innovative yet tastefully confident; an ideal representation of Italian style. From elegant bottles to award-winning wines, each VOGA Italia product stands as an impressive testament to famed terroir.

1. Remove the cork

Voga Italia Pinot Grigio is an exquisite sparkling wine designed to showcase the freshness of this variety. Its pale straw hue charms the eye while on the nose it offers delicate citrus fruit aromas (lemon and grapefruit) along with pear. A touch of white flowers also appears, adding depth and dimension. This delightful beverage won't last long!

Voga Italia wine makes an excellent alternative to Champagne, perfect for pairing with roast chicken and light vegetable dishes as well as serving as an aperitif with its light fizz and citrus fruits notes - not to mention toasting, celebrating and enjoying with friends!

Bubbly wines make an ideal companion for many types of cuisine, from chicken and light fish dishes to cobblers, pie, cookies and cobblers. Plus they can serve as refreshing thirst-quenchers on their own or mixed into cocktail creations such as an Aperol Spritz.

2. Remove the foil

If your bottle doesn't feature a twist-off cap, chances are it will include an aluminum foil capsule to protect the wine from light and oxygen that could cause oxidation and spoilage. Most sommeliers use a small knife that folds out from their corkscrew handle to cut away this capsule; be sure that your knife is sharp so as not to tear or snag the foil!

Boldly innovative, elegantly unapologetic and tastefully confident are just a few words that describe VOGA Italia wines; offering modern consumers an upbeat vision of Italian style. Their chic bottles will draw the eye, but its the first sip that truly shows them off: packed full of flavorful character from their famed terroir that they represent triumphantly.

3. Remove the cage

No matter if you are working a floor or hosting guests, knowing how to open a bottle of sparkling wine properly is an integral component of good wine hospitality. Begin by taking several steps: (1) remove the foil and wire cage. Then place your thumb over the top of the cage and twist six times to loosen it with your thumb.

Once the cage has been dislodged, make sure it's held at an 45-degree angle while being covered by a towel or napkin to avoid wine spillage. With your other hand, gently twist the base of the bottle until you hear a "pop" and feel its cork begin to release from its position in its shell.

Italy is known for producing world-renowned bubbly. From classic styles in the North to experimental ones in the South, Italy boasts an array of exquisite bubblies. At VOGA Italia we take great pride in crafting award winning wines which encapsulate our rich terroir.

4. Open the bottle

No matter where you serve sparkling wine to guests - at home or a restaurant - knowing how to open a bottle correctly is the first step toward providing excellent wine hospitality. A successful opening should be quick, quiet, and produce minimal mess.

Make sure your wine is chilled before opening it; warm bottles may become unstable when exposed to heat and may burst if attempted to be opened by opening.

Flip down and remove the small wire "key" that presses against the neck of the bottle at the base of its cage, and begin turning it to loosen and remove it (it takes six half-twists). For your own safety, drape a dish towel over it just in case any pressure builds up inside causes wine to escape while you work.

VOGA Pinot Grigio is an elegant white wine with vibrant lemon and pear aromas and fruity, juicy flavors, making it the ideal aperitif or accompaniment for light chicken dishes and salads. Additionally, its versatility extends well to pairing well with most seafood and cream sauces as well as desserts like cobblers, pies, cookies or birthday cake!

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