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Perfectly Pinot: A Guide to Choosing and Enjoying Pinot Grigio Wines

Perfectly Pinot: A Guide to Choosing and Enjoying Pinot Grigio Wines

Welcome to the enchanting world of Pinot Grigio wines! Renowned for its crispness, versatility, and delicate flavors, Pinot Grigio has captured the hearts of wine enthusiasts worldwide. In this guide, we'll explore the essence of Pinot Grigio and provide insights on choosing and enjoying these delightful wines.

Understanding Pinot Grigio Wines:

The Terroir Connection:

Pinot Grigio's character is deeply influenced by its terroir—the specific combination of soil, climate, and grape-growing conditions. The Pinot Grigio Il Matese Terre Degli Osci IGT 2021 from Donzella Wines offers a unique expression of terroir. Hailing from the Matese region, this wine showcases the distinct qualities of the local land, providing a truly authentic experience.

Family Tradition in a Bottle:

For a taste of tradition, consider the Pinot Grigio DOC Delle Venezie 2022 Famiglia Boron from Donzella Wines. Crafted by the Boron family, this wine reflects a legacy of winemaking expertise. With a perfect balance of acidity and fruitiness, it's a testament to the family's commitment to quality.

Alpine Elegance:

The 1840 Pinot Grigio DOC 2021 Alto Adige H. Lun from Donzella Wines takes us to the picturesque Alto Adige region. Nestled in the Italian Alps, this wine benefits from the high-altitude vineyards, resulting in a crisp and refreshing profile. Experience the alpine elegance in every sip.

Tasting and Pairing:

Tasting Notes:

  • Il Matese Terre Degli Osci IGT 2021: Notes of green apple, citrus, and a hint of minerality.
  • Famiglia Boron DOC Delle Venezie 2022: Aromatic with peach, pear, and floral undertones.
  • 1840 Pinot Grigio DOC 2021: Crisp acidity, green pear, and a touch of Alpine herbs.

Food Pairing:

  • Il Matese: Ideal with light seafood dishes or a fresh caprese salad.
  • Famiglia Boron: Perfect with creamy pasta dishes or grilled chicken.
  • 1840 Pinot Grigio: Complements Alpine cheeses, risotto, and grilled vegetables.


In the world of white wines, Pinot Grigio stands out for its charm and adaptability. Whether you prefer the terroir-driven Il Matese, the family-crafted Famiglia Boron, or the alpine elegance of 1840, each sip promises a unique journey through Italy's diverse landscapes. Elevate your wine experience with these carefully selected Pinot Grigio wines from Donzella Wines, and savor the perfection in every glass.

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