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The Spirit Center of Italy Wine World

The Spirit Center of Italy Wine World

Italian wines captivate with their exquisite terroirs, traditional grape varieties, and distinct styles. Ranging from robust Super Tuscans to zesty Vermentinos - there is an extensive variety of flavors and styles available!

Italian wine uses an intricate labelling system similar to France, and grows a wide range of grape varieties. Pio Cesare multigenerational producer Federica Boffa is committed to cultivating meaningful relationships with her consumers.


Wine has long been an integral part of Italian culture, from ancient Greece to Etruscans, Romans, and medieval rulers of Italy - it was seen as a sign of wealth, power and prestige.

As winemaking evolved, so too did its techniques. When Italian immigrants came to America they brought with them many traditional methods for food production; from canning and curing to preserving, brewing and home wine making.

Elena was raised in Barile, a tiny town in Basilicata. When her parents planned to sell the 6-hectare vineyard she fell in love with as a child, Elena decided she couldn't bear parting ways with this special place and changed her major from genetics and engineering to viticulture and enology - the study of wine grapes and wine making.

Now she is the head of Pio Cesare Winery in Barolo - one of the oldest foundational family wineries. She takes immense pride in the multigenerational heritage and legacy her ancestors have left behind, and wishes to build relationships with those interested in Pio Cesare wines.


From luxurious bottles designed to enhance special events to budget bottles that will enhance weeknight meals, this year's selection is an immersive vino adventure. Boasting over 140 top wines to sample, there is sure to be something here that meets everyone's taste. Don't leave disappointed.

Italian immigrants brought with them traditional methods for food production when they came to America, such as canning garden-grown vegetables and producing their own wine from home. The Saetti family have continued these traditions and now produce quality wines at their Modena winery.

Ecco Domani wines are crisp, fresh and fruit-forward wines that emphasize the best qualities of grapes from each region of origin. Their Ecco Domani line exemplifies this style with distinct Italian varietals that are delicious yet accessible, without over-stylization or oak-aging. Furthermore, the family has recently completed two new facilities in Alba - the birthplace of Barolo - both designed for wine production: one will focus solely on aging while another will provide dedicated production space.

Food Pairings

Food and wine have long been enjoyed together throughout its 6000-year history without much fanfare or fuss; traditionally pairing white with fish and red with meat was straightforward enough in earlier times; today however, many classic pairings no longer apply due to our rapidly evolving culinary scene.

Some pairings work beautifully. For instance, rich tomato or buttery sauce pairs beautifully with fruity and acidic white wines from Loire Valley such as Chinon and Bourgueil; and robust Mendoza Malbec pairs nicely with game and slow-roasted beef dishes.

Light sparkling wines such as Cava from Spain and Prosecco from Italy pair beautifully with almost any dish, while Greek Moschofilero can help tone down spicy foods with low alcohol. In addition, Amaro (bittersweet liqueurs from Italy made from ingredients such as citrus peel, alpine herbs or artichoke leaves) makes an exquisite digestif that pairs nicely with rich cheeses or desserts.

Homemade Wine

Making wine at home has become an increasingly popular hobby for many Italian Americans, forming part of their tradition. From purchasing grapes in August and harvesting them to bottling and nurturing bottles until spring of the following year - creating wine has become part of family life!

Homemade wine contains subtle variations due to storage conditions and other variables, such as adding oak flavor. As such, two people who start out using the same variety of grape can end up producing wines with vastly differing tastes.

Italy is renowned for its vibrant wine culture and variety of styles, distinctive terroirs and indigenous grape varieties that distinguish it from any other nation in the world. Experimentation is key in discovering Italy's new treasures to take back home with you - try new grape varieties and styles; break out of your comfort zone; don't settle for traditional favorites as that will keep your curiosity high and ensure success!

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