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Umbria, Orvieto, Montefalco Sagrantino, and Montefalco Sagrantino

Umbria, Orvieto, Montefalco Sagrantino, and Montefalco Sagrantino

Umbria's classic hill towns are both individual and filled with artistic treasures, while its cultural traditions--ranging from the world-famous Umbria Jazz Festival to traditional processed pork meats and confectionery--tell a vivid story about its history.

Umbria boasts two DOC wines at the pinnacle of Italian wine quality pyramid, according to Italian Wine Central. Enjoy pairing these rare varietals with bites inspired by this region.

Trebbiano d’Umbria

Trebbiano, an outstanding white grape variety cultivated in Lazio, plays an essential role in Orvieto wines as well as being one of the primary components in Frascati Superiore blends. Furthermore, Trebbiano can also be found in some sweet dessert wines known as vino da meditazione.

Gusto Wine Tours' Umbria tours provide the ideal way to discover these hidden gems with wine tasting, education and meetings with local producers integrated into every trip.

Grechetto d’Umbria

Grechetto can be found in various DOC wines produced in central Italy. With its thick skin that allows it to retain ripe flavors, Grechetto offers excellent wine production potential.

Umbria lies adjacent to Tuscany and boasts medieval hill towns and tufa-escarved castles, its terrain comprising western volcanics, eastern sands and pockets of clay.

Winemakers here successfully combine traditional techniques with cutting-edge innovations.

Sagrantino d’Umbria

Umbria's Montefalco Sagrantino red wine is one of the country's most acclaimed offerings; the best examples show layers of complexity and structure as they age gracefully over time.

Lunelli family of Trentodoc fame produces this incredible blend of Sangiovese and Sagrantino wine. The latter's addition adds body that makes this food-friendly wine an exceptional value. A superb value!

Pinot Nero d’Umbria

Umbrian single-varietal red wine harvested at optimal ripeness pairs well with not-too-sweet desserts and medium aged cured meats from the region.

Orvieto stands as a testimony to Tuscany and Lazio's diverse terroir diversity, featuring volcanic terrain on one side, eastern sand dunes, and alluvial formations on the other. This hill town marks both territories.

Barbera d’Umbria

Umbria is a green heartland dotted with ancient hill towns and boasts a longstanding winemaking tradition, producing 13 DOCs and 2 DOCGs including crisp white wines from Orvieto and age-worthy reds from Montefalco.

The region's terroir differs significantly from Tuscany, consisting of both clay and sand-limestone soils. As a result, big red wines that combine tannins with delicious dark fruit flavors tend to produce wines with moderate aging potential and big body.

Pinot Bianco d’Umbria

Umbria boasts 13 DOC and two DOCG wine regions that produce wine that ranges from easy drinking to full-bodied complexity, located in Italy's green heart region bordering Tuscany.

Orvieto DOC wine is produced primarily from Trebbiano Toscano and Grechetto grape varieties, with up to 40% coming from other local white grape varieties (Procanico and Drupeggio being two examples). Aging requirements are set at one year.

Chardonnay d’Umbria

Umbria's crisp white wines typically combine Trebbiano and Grechetto grape varieties with other traditional varieties to produce crisp white wines that pair perfectly with appetizers and salads. In addition, Umbria produces numerous IGT wines which may include any permitted grape in their composition.

Umbria is an unspoiled region renowned for its medieval hill towns and olive groves, bordered by Tuscany, Marche and Lazio. Dubbed 'la cuore verde d'Italia", Umbria offers great natural beauty as well as excellent wine production potential.

Pinot Grigio d’Umbria

Umbria's long history of peacemaking is embedded into its landlocked nature; here art, music, religion and traditional agricultural pursuits coexist in harmony.

Umbria's 11 DOC-classified growing areas boast unique stories to tell. Longtime producers like Tudernum and Scacciadiavoli boast longstanding histories while newcomers often bring innovative perspectives.

Merlot d’Umbria

Umbrian sweet wines known as passito have gained in popularity recently and should be enjoyed alongside less sweet desserts - an ideal way to cap off an Umbrian meal!

Umbria, located between Tuscany and Lazio in central Italy, boasts an abundant terroir that produces many notable wines such as Orvieto DOC. But there are numerous other excellent Umbrian vintages worth experiencing!

Cabernet Sauvignon d’Umbria

Orvieto wines, known for their delicate, crisp white wines, originated in the medieval hill town of Orvieto. Today's Orvieto DOC wines typically combine Procanico (Trebbiano Toscano), Grechetto di Orvieto or Drupeggio with Malvasia to form its trademark blends.

Umbria lies just north of Rome and features a Mediterranean climate, with warm summers and cool, wetter winters, producing wines made from various grape varieties.

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