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What Are the Best Italian White Wines?

What Are the Best Italian White Wines?

Once upon a time, Italian wine producers produced generic white wines - but thanks to modern techniques and research on grape varieties, today's best white wines showcase tremendous character, complexity, and varietal purity.

Felluga's Terre Alte Verdicchio stands out as an elegant and precise Verdicchio wine, while Peter Dipoli Sauvignon "Voglar" shows masterful harmony and exquisite oenological precision.

1. Cervaro della Sala

Cervaro della Sala is an exquisite white wine from Roero's artisan cellars that features jasmine and honeysuckle aromas with peaches, pears, and an earthy finish - the result is an enchanting glass that delivers multiple aromatic dimensions.

Fresh blossoms, fragrant notes of kaffir lime, ocean salinity and creamy lemon notes all linger on the palate in this wine, unlike Pinot Grigio which uses oak barrels as its medium of fermentation - truly exceptional!

2. Edi Keber Collio

Garganega, Malvasia Istriana and Ribolla Gialla combine for an intensely flavorful yet naturally acidic wine that defies description. Each vintage produced is exceptional!

A masterful Pinot Grigio from vines planted under organic and biodynamic agriculture. The aroma begins with floral notes of broom, hawthorn and orange pulp fruit combined with citrus notes and saltiness for an unforgettable aromatic profile. On the palate is an exuberant, taut yet savory finish which lasts long into its finish.

3. Ronco delle Mele di Venica

Italy's white wines once the subject of jokes are now experiencing unprecedented success, from Pecorino's crisp delights to Fiano di Avellino's power and complexity, even lesser-known Trebbiano Toscano has earned critical acclaim over recent years.

Elegant yet whimsical, its aroma conjures citrus orange blossom and hawthorn flowers, while on the palate its full and velvety textures deliver a variety of facets such as broom, chamomile, nipitella, candied fruit and salty notes.

4. Romans’ Chardonnay Curie

Pinot Grigio has long been one of the greatest Italian white success stories, known for being easy-drinking yet concentrated wines that pack an exceptional punch. Vie di Romans' Pinot Grigio stands out as an outstanding representation with its lush layers and persistent aftertaste.

Though Italy is famous for its red wines, its whites can often achieve greatness as well. Tasca d'Almerita showcases this superb expression of Pecorino perfectly.

5. Studio di Bianco di Borgo del Tiglio

Italian white wines once derided as "the butt of jokes" are now receiving more recognition. Borgo del Tiglio provides an example of their success by producing an elegant combination of Friulano and Sauvignon that honors their region's terroir.

This wine offers a complex aromatic profile with floral undertones leading into Mediterranean scrub and butter notes. Rich, velvety texture with remarkable persistence; an ideal white wine for refined palates.

6. Vernaccia di San Gimignano

As one of Italy's premier white wines, this wine stands out due to its exceptional harmony and the maximum potential realization of varietal identity. It evokes aromas such as alpine flora, white peach and elderberry fruitiness as well as citrus orange blossom notes with salty overtones.

This wine is exclusively produced from Vernaccia di San Gimignano grapes and features golden hue, floral aroma, and characteristic bitter aftertaste that are indicative of its terroir. Additionally, it ages gracefully.

7. Feldmaschall

An exquisite wine of extraordinary finesse and balance from one of Collio's most esteemed artisan cellars. Rightly considered among Italy's premier white wines, its aroma profile starts off with notes of broom and orange blossom flowers before progressing towards medicinal herbs, hydrocarbons, and viennoiserie aromas.

Elvio Cogno's Nascetta stands out with its rich, velvety palate and outstanding persistence - perfect for fans of rare indigenous varieties! Don't miss this delicious local treat!

8. Vernaccia di Pancole

An extraordinary expression of a classic white from an area renowned for them. Dry yet refined and complex; an aged wine not afraid to show its ageing potential.

This medium-bodied white is an exciting example of Sauvignon Blanc at its very best, boasting aromas ranging from broom and alpine flowers to candied apricot and citrus fruits. On the palate it boasts dense and full textures with an irresistibly salty, savory finish offering up numerous fruit returns.

9. Ronco delle Mele di Venica

Italian white wines have experienced a recent renaissance due to the effort put forth in both vineyard and cellar research and meticulous wine making techniques. Wines like Felici Verdicchio from Umbria and Peter Dipoli Sauvignon from Alto Adige show what can be done when grapes are handled correctly; both offer exceptional complexity, varietal purity, and impressive aging potential.

Virtuous Chardonnay with exciting aging potential from one of Collio's finest cellars. Deliberate olfactory profile including orange blossom flowers and hawthorn, as well as subtle notes of saltiness which lingers on the palate in an ideal balance between acidity and sapidity.

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