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What Is a Good Italian White Wine?

What Is a Good Italian White Wine?

Italian white wines often get a bad rap for being bland and subpar, but this year's summery wines from Italy prove otherwise. With sophisticated bottles such as these suited perfectly to pairing with salads and seafood dishes.

One of the finest Italian white wines due to its exquisite variety identity that comes through with great elegance. It has an aromatic bouquet bursting with citrus notes as well as salty undertones.

Pinot Bianco

Pinot Bianco may not make headlines when it comes to wine lists, but its fans enjoy its refreshing, light body and versatility as an accompaniment for virtually any cuisine. Look for examples from Alto Adige or parts of Friuli where this grape variety is commonly known by its French name Weissburgunder.

Pinot Bianco pairs best with summer dishes such as salads and pasta dishes featuring fresh vegetables and seafood, such as the popular Franciacorta from Lombardy. Its popularity also ensures it produces some of Italy's best sparkling wines like Franciacorta.


Ligurian Sun-lovers excel in Liguria, Sardinia and Tuscany due to long growing seasons allowing ripe fruit with an optimal balance between sugar and acidity levels.

Light to medium bodied Vermentino from coastal regions features zesty citrus and tropical fruit flavors with an undercurrent of salty minerality on the finish, making it the ideal pairing with seafood antipasti and pasta with pesto sauce.

Garganega (the main grape of Soave) can be transformed into richer and creamier wine by adding Oenococcus oeniose after alcohol fermentation to convert malic acid to diacetyl, producing a luxurious and creamy style perfect for pairing with poultry, salads and herbed dishes; aged versions can even pair beautifully with grilled fish, fried shrimp or shellfish dishes!


Gewurztraminer wine boasts an intriguing history. Originating as green-skinned traminer grapes, they eventually evolved into pink Savana Rose and red Traminer varieties before eventually becoming what is now known as Gewurztraminer.

Wine of this vintage offers a varied array of aromas and flavors, from its high acidity, citrus fruits, white flowers and spices, as well as its parent grape. All these sensations stem from its terpene content within its fruit.

Vin Grigio is a full-bodied and aromatic wine with either dry or sweet characteristics, making it the ideal accompaniment to spicy Thai curry and Middle Eastern dishes containing nuts and dried fruits, aromatic desserts like mango sorbet and baklava, and great wines to drink during winter months with warm meals.

Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio is an extremely versatile wine, boasting rich walnut and honey flavors as well as the zesty acidity of tropical fruit. Pairing well with everything from mussels to fries, it is especially suited to lean styles of the Alps where steep slopes and high density planting ensure its acidity remains preserved.

The complex aroma profile opens with notes of broom, chamomile and nipitella before progressing towards wild caper and Mediterranean scrub, with citrus orange blossom notes throughout. On the palate there's an expansive balance between pressing acidity and iodized sapidity for an exceptional experience.

This blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio features bold aromas - white flowers and citrus fruit are balanced by fresh herbs and minerality for an irresistibly complex wine.


This amber-hued wine boasts an intoxicating, complex dry style. Ideal when served alongside Pecorino cheese and fresh bread.

Aromatically, its aromatic profile unfolds gradually from fresh orange peel preserved in salt to stamps of wild caper, white blossom flowers and an ocean breeze. On the palate it reveals a vastly complex flavor profile, featuring an irresistibly juicy texture paired with a savory, granular acidity that ensures excellent persistence.

Italian white wines are an absolute delight, from Ornellaia's award-winning Sauvignon to Gaja's superb Chardonnay. Though often underappreciated, their wide array of flavors and aromas perfectly compliment regional cuisines while their diverse styles allow these wines to be served at any gathering or celebration.

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