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What Is Italian Sparkling Wine?

What Is Italian Sparkling Wine?

Lambrusco from Emilia-Romagna's Lambrusco wine region has become synonymous with light, fruity frizzante wines that provide a refreshing sip. A grapey taste completes this light-bodied fun beverage!

Franciacorta in Lombardy offers both Charmat and metodo classico bubblies (similar to Champagne). Both techniques create rich, complex bubbles characterized by flavors such as bread, white flowers, citrus fruits and vanilla that stand up well when enjoyed alongside food.


Prosecco is an iconic bubbly wine hailing from Italy that reigns supreme globally. But its global success doesn't dim its quality: this refreshing wine offers refreshing bubbles with fruity pear and green apple notes for an enjoyable drinking experience.

Prosecco differs from Champagne by being composed primarily of Glera grapes with up to 15% of other varietals permitted, creating a fresh, fruity wine with vibrant acidity and aromatic notes of flowers, green apples and citrus.

Prosecco is an ideal sparkling wine to serve at casual gatherings. Enjoyed alone or as the basis of classic cocktails such as the Bellini and Spritz, Prosecco pairs well with lemon sorbet and light appetizers.

While France's Champagne region holds exclusive rights to producing Prosecco, other Italian regions also produce lovely bubblies from local grapes - Emilia-Romagna produces Pignoletto as a delightful white sparkler that rivals Prosecco for its floral aromas and tart apple notes.


Lambrusco, Italy's iconic sparkling red wine, is widely exported. Once considered an inexpensive daily drinking choice, today Lambrusco producers focus on quality production using eight grape varieties that may produce light or dark-hued wines that range in hue from light to deep reds.

Wineries obtain their bubbles through second fermentation that releases carbon dioxide into the bottle; there are various methods they use (Charmat method, metodo ancestrale and metodo classico). Referring to your label is always helpful for more insight.

Lambrusco di Sorbara Vecchia or Grasparossa bubblies offer plenty of acidity to cut through grease-laden dishes like pizza and bread, while their low alcohol content allows it to accompany brunch through evening aperitivo hour with ease. From crisp apples and green pears to blueberry and white flower notes, lambrusco's fruit flavors span from crisp apples and green pears all the way to blueberry and white flower notes - ensuring it can accompany every occasion!


Franciacorta is Italy's version of Champagne produced using the traditional method (Metodo Classico). To receive DOCG status, Franciacorta must adhere to stringent production regulations.

Franciacorta is made from chardonnay, pinot nero and pinot bianco grapes and known for its elegance and sophistication. While Prosecco tends to be seen more as an afternoon drink for women brunching together, Franciacorta boasts fuller-bodied citrusy aromas and flavors similar to bread aromas in a full-bodied package.

Franciacorta sparkling wines pair particularly well with Italian fare, particularly delicate cheeses and meats like prosciutto, speck and mortadella. Furthermore, it complements leavened foods like pizza and cakes.

Asti Spumante

At times it can be challenging to distinguish one bubbly Italian wine from the next when all are labeled "spumante." Unfortunately, their names don't indicate grape variety or production method - the only surefire way is reading the label or seeking help from a sommelier.

Prosecco may be best known, yet other bubbly wines from Italy and beyond should not be forgotten; Lambrusco from Emilia-Romagna and Franciacorta from Lombardy offer distinct sparkling wines, too.

Asti is famed for showcasing its grape variety as well as its sweetness and low alcohol content, which make it the ideal wine to pair with fruit- or citrus-focused desserts and appetizers such as layered pastries or peach cobbler. Furthermore, Asti pairs well with cheeses and charcuterie; specifically Cinzano Asti DOCG pairs nicely with chocolate covered strawberries.

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