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What to Do in Chianti Italy

What to Do in Chianti Italy

Chianti offers an abundance of experiences for visitors of all kinds - from family-oriented agriturismos like Borgo La Capraia to exclusive wine tasting events at centuries-old estates.

Discover Tuscan cuisine through cooking classes hosted by locals, before sampling its signature dishes like boschetto al tartufo, costoluto fiorentino and pappa al pomodoro.

Experience Florence more fully by joining a guided cheese, wine and lunch day tour from Florence with Take Walks.

Visit the Wineries

As soon as you leave Florence, the Chiantigiana (formerly the 222 Road), leading towards Siena can quickly transport you into Chianti. This main roadway traverses a vast territory filled with vineyards and olive groves.

As you drive along, wineries begin to appear, with many being open for visits and tastings. A winery visit in Chianti is an essential experience that reveals much about how Sangiovese wine is produced.

The Martini family are well known in Chianti for producing delicious wines made with robust local grape varieties. However, visiting here offers much more than wine tasting; their castle has also become an art gallery with collaboration from international artists.

Visit the Castles

Chianti region is home to numerous castles that stand proud over vineyards and landscapes, creating a dramatic effect when visited during festivals or when blooming wisteria, roses or poppies color the landscape. These medieval estates can create an enthralling atmosphere.

If you find yourself nearby, make time to visit Radda in Chianti Castle from the Middle Ages - its walls covered by coats of arms from local families and dating back to this era.

Wine cellar tours and sampling the wines produced on-site are offered, while staying can also be arranged - renting out rooms within a castle or villa could also be options.

Gaiole in Chianti is home to several landmarks worth visiting such as Volpaia Castle, Meleto Castle and Badia a Coltibuono Abbey - each one built of sandstone. Additionally, Montefioralle hamlet with medieval walls surrounding it should not be missed!

Eat in the Towns

Chianti landscape is a delight for all senses - vineyards nestle alongside silvery olive groves, villas peek through cypress trees and charming towns alike are waiting to welcome visitors on an excursion through its rolling hills and vineyards - as you take a drive around this region, endless photo ops await and serve as reminders that "life is beautiful".

Ciao Florance offers small group tours from Florence that let you skip driving altogether. Your hotel will be picked up, and then two wineries will host tastings of different vintages before providing insight into Florence and the region's culture and history.

Falorni offers private Chianti Classico vineyard tours. A highlight is a tasting menu with contemporary interpretations of classic Tuscan dishes like vegetable tomato soup with puffed rice, feta cheese, and Kalamata olives; carnaroli rice "Acquerello," featuring garden spinach from their gardens lemon, katiki, and dill; as well as roast pigeon with fennel-orange sauce served alongside Chianti Classico wines from Tenuta Casenuove wineries.

Visit the Markets

Chianti Classico winemakers use the black rooster as a symbol throughout the region, from flags and statues to the bottle labels of its wines from its DOCG designation. You'll even see it on farmer hats, banners in towns, and, most famously, bottle labels of Chianti Classico DOCG wines!

Chianti is best visited during spring and autumn when temperatures are mild and the countryside comes alive with color. But any time of year can be enjoyed for its cuisine, wine, landscapes and culture which make Chianti so special.

One of the most memorable experiences in Chianti is taking part in a cooking class led by Chef Laura at Querceto Estate, owned by her family. Participants may join her in prepping courses or simply sit back and observe while learning from an expert chef.

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