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What White Wine Goes Best With Italian Food?

What White Wine Goes Best With Italian Food?

Food and wine pairings can make an enormous difference to your dining experience. Selecting a wine that complements the flavors in your Italian meal while leaving you feeling fulfilled and content can bring new depth and dimension to the dining experience.

White wines make an excellent accompaniment to Italian cuisine, so to find your ideal pairing consider its region of origin.


Sangiovese wine pairs perfectly with the bold, vibrant flavors found in southern Italian food, from peperoncini and n'duja to fish, seafood and tomato-based sauces like risotto or ragu. This versatile grape is sure to elevate every dish which features tomatoes!

Due to its natural acidity and savory flavors, red wine makes an excellent accompaniment for red sauce pasta dishes, Tuscan cuisine and even pairing well with grilled chicken or lamb roasting.

Sangiovese can also be found outside Italy as part of Super Tuscan blends, and its light, crisp qualities pair nicely with foods that feature saucy ingredients or herb-infused dishes, such as pesto or baked trout.


Vernaccia wine, with its crisp and fruity qualities, makes an excellent pairing for rice salads and pasta dishes as well as savory meals like chicken cacciatore or Parmigiano ravioli.

San Gimignano, an ancient Tuscan town renowned for its medieval towers, first began cultivating this wine. In 1966 it achieved DOC status; and later DOCG status.

Young is best to bring out its fresh floral and citrus aromas; over time it will also develop savory, herbal, and mineral notes that complement it beautifully. Try pairing this wine with saffron risotto for the full effect - they go together beautifully!


Dolcetto translates to "Little Sweet One," and while often overshadowed by Nebbiolo (the more prestigious grape of Piedmont region), this delicious Italian red deserves to have its moment in the spotlight. Fresh and fruity in flavor, Dolcetto makes the ideal wine pairing with Italian cuisine!

Pairing great wines with food can transform an ordinary meal into an extraordinary dining experience. Consider sauce flavor, cheese content and other key components when selecting an Italian wine - there's sure to be one suitable! Whether looking for intense white or bold red wines there is sure to be one suitable to every cuisine!


Chardonnay, one of the world's most widely distributed white wines, pairs well with Italian dishes as long as it remains unoaked. Its buttery yet smooth taste complements many seafood pasta dishes such as lobster, shrimp and clams beautifully.

If you're eating heartier fish such as monkfish or swordfish, pairing the meal with something with more body is key to enjoying it properly. Cabernet Sauvignon with its primary flavors of black currant with mint or blackberry undertones would work nicely alongside these dishes.

Lighter meat-based dishes such as chicken or roasted vegetable pasta pair perfectly with Pinot Grigio wine, which features notes of apple and pear that match up well with these lighter dishes.

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is an aromatic white wine that pairs perfectly with both seafood and white meat dishes, thanks to its citrus notes which pair nicely with herbs like rosemary, basil, parsley and cilantro.

Sauvignon Sauvignon goes perfectly with arugula salads, grilled vegetables and bruschetta appetizers. This crisp and zesty wine's flavors complement lighter sauces like risotto or Alfredo dishes well.

Sauvignon grape variety features citrus or tropical notes depending on where it's produced, or grassiness and bell pepper notes depending on temperature conditions. All these distinctive tastes can easily become overwhelmed when combined with other bold ingredients in dishes; thus it's wise to pair Sauvignon with foods which feature these strong elements like peppercorn or curry spices.

Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio makes for the ideal pairing with light Italian seafood dishes that feature lemon or salt, making for an acidity-balancing pairing.

Pinots from cooler regions typically exhibit flavors such as lime and green apple, while those produced in warmer climates may show pear or passion fruit notes. Their acidity creates an enjoyable refreshing sensation which pairs perfectly with seafood or chicken dishes.

Sauvignon Blanc wines are light, smoky wines with just the slightest tartness, making them versatile enough for all sorts of culinary uses. Their light texture pairs nicely with saucy foods while cutting through thick sauces such as Alfredo.

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