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What Will Italian Wine Lovers Drink in 2024?

What Will Italian Wine Lovers Drink in 2024?

As People from Great Britan tighten their belts, many wine enthusiasts are forgoing expensive Burgundy or Barolo bottles in favor of cheaper Italian ones.

After dark in any major city's historical centre, young Romans, Milanese and Bariese can be found sipping from glasses of wine - but what will they be drinking in 2024?


Moscato wine is an off-dry or sweet wine widely appreciated. Produced using the aromatic grape known as Moscato di Moscato, when vinified properly it produces wines which are both refreshing and pleasingly bubbly.

Consider selecting a frizzante or spumante wine, both of which boast fruit-driven palates with notes of juicy pears, lychee and rose petals. Or opt for classic bottles of moscato d'Asti from producers such as G.D Vajra who are well known for their sustainable farming practices, history and well-crafted bottles.

Moscato wine is an ideal option when looking for an eye-catching dessert wine or an affordable drink to pair with brunch, thanks to its light sweetness and long list of food pairings. Plus, its delightful bubbliness can keep the conversation alive!

Pinot Grigio

No other youth culture in Italy loves wine as much as Italy's, and an evening stroll through any major city's centro storico will likely reveal hundreds of young Romeros, Milanese or Baroness-clad individuals holding glasses of Nero d'Avola, Primitivo Falanghina Franciacorta while still appreciating more robust vintages like Barolo Barbaresco Nebbiolo Piedmontan and Amarone and Valpolicella wines.

International Pinot Noir Day takes place annually on August 13th and offers the perfect opportunity to toast this delicate yet expressive grape variety. Perfect with salami, hard cheeses or pork dishes; its earthy flavors showcase its terroir. Sommeliers alike love Pinot Noir wines!


A new generation of Italian wine drinkers are increasingly looking beyond classic wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco to explore other varieties, due in part to the availability of New World wines on shelves and by-the-glass lists, as well as Italian Metodo Classico styles fulfilling their promise.

Franciacorta has set an impressive standard with their zero-dosage bottlings. Organic viticulture, reduced dosage levels and promising experiments using revived local autochthone grape varieties have resulted in stunning terroir-driven sparklers which should be on everyone's radar screen.

Expect to see more Franciacorta from Valdobbiadene and Cartizze with alluring aromas of spring flowers and yellow stone fruit, along with a vibrant creamy palate that offers flavors such as Golden Delicious apple, juicy citrus zest, white almond and peach.

Etna Rosso

Due to budget restrictions and uncertainty around future pay checks, wine enthusiasts are searching for wines which provide an exciting burst of flavor without breaking their budgets.

Etna Rosso wine stands as an outstanding example. Produced on the slopes of Sicily's active Mount Etna volcano, these wines boast both power and finesse in equal measures.

Winemakers have developed techniques for pairing the acidity of volcanic soil with lively textures and depth of aroma to produce wines with balanced acidity and an immersive sensory experience.

Producing such an amazingly versatile wine has produced something truly remarkable that pairs beautifully with dishes such as eggplant parmesan, roasted vegetable tarts and pappardelle with duck ragu. Plus its fruit flavors, crisp acidity and subtle tannins also compliment many meat dishes - look out for producers like Girolamo Russo or Benanti for examples of such wines!


Nebbiolo, the star grape behind Barolo and Barbaresco wines, features intense aromatic qualities with coating tannins and intense perfume that tantalizes palates with cherry, dried floral notes, earth and leather flavors.

Gaja's 2010 Sori Tildin red is an elegant wine, boasting floral and fruit notes with subtle saltiness. Boasting an impressive structure that will mature beautifully over time.

Nebbiolo can be found across Piedmont and beyond, and wines made with this variety in Langhe DOC offer expressive wines without the price tag or need for extended aging required by Barolo.

Nebbiolo grapes boast high acidity and distinct tannins that pair beautifully with hearty Italian cuisine, including dishes like risotto and polenta as well as dishes featuring rich, flavorful meats. Furthermore, its earthy and herbal tones complement mushroom or truffle-based dishes well.

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