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Why Italian Wine is Better!

Why Italian Wine is Better!

Italian wine has a 3,000 year history and tradition that spans across multiple regions, each with their own climates, soils and native grape varieties that produce unique wines.

Experts often rank Italian wine amongst their favorites for various reasons, even though many experts may favor French or American varieties over it.

1. It’s made from a variety of grapes

Italy is known for producing wine that showcases both its culture and history dating back 3,000 years. Thanks to varying climates, soil types, and native grape varieties that produce diverse wines ranging from light reds to complex wines with aged notes.

Prosecco (made with Glera grapes) may be widely known in the UK, but lesser-known wines like Moscato d'Asti (featuring aromas of peach and lemon zest) or Amarone (crafted from dried Corvina and Rondinella grapes) deserve your consideration.

Moderate wine consumption has been associated with numerous health advantages due to the antioxidant polyphenols found in red wines, such as reduced risks of heart disease and blood clot formation. If you want to experience these benefits yourself, quality Italian wines should be selected.

2. It’s higher in acidity

Italian wines are famous for their high acidity and crispness, both qualities which help the wine age well and make it an excellent accompaniment for food.

Too much acidity can be problematic for some people, causing dry mouth. Luckily, there are ways to help reduce acidity in wine. One approach would be adding acid-reducing crystals that neutralise some of its acidity.

Alternately, drinking wine more slowly may also help as this allows it to absorb some of its acidity and lessen its impact. Plus, wine consumption offers many health benefits like resveratrol which has been found to protect blood vessels against damage while simultaneously lowering cholesterol and decreasing risk of blood clots.

3. It’s earthy

Italy's soils provide ideal growing conditions for grapevines to flourish, giving Italian wines their distinct earthiness. Grapes grow freely without interference from additives or thickeners to express their true character without interference from added components or thickeners.

Italian wines are widely recognized for being natural, healthy and delicious. Additionally, using fertilisers or pesticides against the law in Italy leads to better wine quality overall.

Italian wines offer an experience full of earthy notes when drinking Italian wines: whites have aromas such as hay or chalk; red wines will offer wet soil aromas such as smoke, dried leaves or even tar, while dessert wines contain leather or meaty flavors for an equally enjoyable and diverse tasting experience. All this adds up to create a more engaging and fulfilling journey through wine culture!

4. It’s a social drink

Italy has a vast and intricate wine culture. Italians take an holistic approach to enjoying wine, often leading to better results when consumed at restaurants or taverns in Italy.

Italian wines tend to have medium bodies, making them suitable for pairing with various dishes and cuisines. Their acidity also allows them to pair better with food than heavier wines from elsewhere in the world.

There are numerous reasons why Italian wine stands out among its counterparts. Beyond just being an enjoyable beverage, Italian wines are beloved staples in many cultures across the world and beloved by millions.

5. It’s affordable

Wine is not only delicious and an ideal addition to any meal, but it has some incredible health benefits as well. In particular, red wines containing resveratrol have been shown to lower cholesterol levels significantly.

Italian wines tend to be much cheaper than their French counterparts, especially those produced by small independent producers who utilize organic grapes and don't utilize fertilizers in production.

Italian wine boasts a clear system for labelling quality; simply look at its DOC or DOCG ratings to know if you are getting value for your money, while with further research you might even discover hidden gems that even surpass expectations!

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