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Enne Azienda Agricola Nugnes

Enne Azienda Agricola Nugnes

From £17.50
Bottle 750ml

Experience the essence of Puglian winemaking with Enne from Azienda Agricola Nugnes. This red wine, crafted with passion and precision, captures the soul of the region, delivering a rich and flavorful journey.

Immerse yourself in the unique character of Enne, where Azienda Agricola Nugnes' dedication meets Italian excellence.

Food Pairing Suggestions

Pair this exceptional red wine with grilled meats, savory pasta dishes, or aged cheeses to enhance your culinary experience. Let the robust flavors and velvety textures of Enne complement a variety of cuisines, creating moments of true indulgence.

Elevate your table with the richness of Puglia. Order Enne from Azienda Agricola Nugnes now and savor the perfect harmony of tradition and taste.

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