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Primitivo Igt 2019 Critera Schola Sarmenti

Primitivo Igt 2019 Critera Schola Sarmenti


Unveil the allure of Primitivo IGT 2019 from Critera Schola Sarmenti, a masterpiece embodying the warmth of Puglia's terroir.

How to Enjoy

Sip and savor the essence of Puglia by enjoying this Primitivo slightly below room temperature. Allow the wine to breathe, revealing its rich fruit character and velvety texture. Perfect for intimate dinners or festive gatherings, it's an invitation to indulge in the vibrant spirit of the region.

Best Known For

Primitivo IGT 2019 is celebrated for its robust flavor profile, featuring bold dark fruits and a hint of spice. Versatile in nature, it pairs effortlessly with Puglian cuisine—grilled meats, hearty stews, and aged cheeses. Elevate your dining experience with Critera Schola Sarmenti – where every bottle reflects the passion and tradition of Puglian winemaking.

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