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From Volcanic Soils to Your Glass: Explore the Essence of Wine From Campania

From Volcanic Soils to Your Glass: Explore the Essence of Wine From Campania

In the heart of Campania, Italy, where the sun-kissed vineyards and volcanic soils converge, a collection of extraordinary wines awaits. 

Directly from the hometown of our owner, Giovanni, we proudly present a selection that embodies the spirit, tradition, and passion of this illustrious region. 

Join us on a journey through the vineyards of Campania, where every bottle tells a story of heritage and craftsmanship.

Discover the Magic of Campania with Giovanni's Selection:

Caleno Riserva DOC 2015 by Azienda Agricola Nugnes 

Experience the depth and complexity of Campanian reds with this exceptional Caleno Riserva. Crafted with precision, it unveils a symphony of flavors from the sun-drenched vineyards. Explore Caleno Riserva DOC 2015

Caleno Oro DOC 2013 Riserva Falerno del Massico by Azienda Agricola Nugnes 

Indulge in the opulence of Falerno del Massico with the golden elixir of Caleno Oro. This red wine showcases the richness of Campanian terroir and the artistry of Azienda Agricola Nugnes. Explore Caleno Oro DOC 2013

Lacryma Christi DOP 2021 Bianco Vesuvio by Cantine Olivelle 

Sip on the divine tears of the gods with the Lacryma Christi DOP 2021 Bianco Vesuvio. From the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, this white wine offers a crisp and floral experience. Explore Lacryma Christi DOP 2021

Lacryma Christi DOP 2020 Vesuvio Lacryma Nero by Cantine Olivelle 

Dive into the earthly essence of Campania with the Lacryma Christi DOP 2020 Vesuvio Lacryma Nero. This red wine, with its velvety texture, mirrors the region's rich flavors. Explore Lacryma Christi DOP 2020

Enne by Azienda Agricola Nugnes 

Unveil the enchanting layers of Campanian reds with Enne by Azienda Agricola Nugnes. This red wine captivates with its complexity, offering a glimpse into the region's winemaking mastery. Discover Enne by Azienda Agricola Nugnes

Vite Aminea IGT 2020 Falanghina by Azienda Agricola Nugnes 

Elevate your white wine experience with the Vite Aminea IGT 2020 Falanghina. From the mineral-rich volcanic soils, this Falanghina delights with bright acidity and citrusy elegance. Explore Vite Aminea Falanghina Now

Onn Anto DOC 2015 Riserva Falerno del Massico by Azienda Agricola Nugnes 

Immerse yourself in the velvet symphony of Onn Anto. This red wine, a Riserva Falerno del Massico, showcases the region's intense aromas and deep hues. Discover Onn Anto DOC 2015

From Giovanni's hometown to your glass, these exceptional wines invite you to savor the terroir, history, and craftsmanship of Campania. Elevate your wine collection with the liquid poetry that only this region can offer. Join us in celebrating the art of winemaking, where every bottle is a testament to the soul of Campania.

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