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Italian Wine - What Italian Wine are Like Cabernet Sauvignon

Italian Wine - What Italian Wine are Like Cabernet Sauvignon

Italian wines are diverse and captivating. Skilled Italian winemakers often craft artful blends that seamlessly integrate Cabernet Sauvignon's dark power with the fresh red fruit elegance of other Italian grape varieties.

If you're in search of something different than Napa Cabs, look no further. Italian wines offer an impressive spectrum of flavors including tobacco, bell pepper and smoke that boast impressive structures.


Aglianico stands o ut with its bold wine that commands attention, its deep dark color and complex flavors reminiscent of cabernet sauvignon. Perfectly suited to hearty foods like grilled or baked beef and pork as well as game and aged cheese, its character develops gradually over time.

Aglianico thrives in the dry conditions of southern Italy, particularly Campania and Basilicata, though it can now also be found growing in California and Australia.

Its distinctive flavors range from dusty notes of dark fruits, smoked meats and leather to an earthy bouquet with spiced plum and black cherry, while its tannic structure is usually softer than that of cabernet sauvignon; therefore it must be aged for several years in order to soften its tannins. Vines can either be grown as single grape varieties or blended together with Nero d'Avola varieties to produce Super Tuscan wines; their leaves have medium sized leaf lobes with one or two well developed wings.

Nero D’Avola

Nero D'Avola is a vibrant yet subtle red grape variety from Sicily that often finds itself mixed into blends, especially those including Frappato. It dominates red wines across the island of Sicily as a dominant red variety, often blended with Frappato to form age worthy Mille e Una Notte blends from Donnafugata Wines.

Baglio della Fate's Nero D'Avola stands out with its classic Sicilian character - purity and structure unmistakably Sicilian. Expect black cherry, plum, tobacco leaf and spice notes with moderate tannins for an unforgettable wine.

Aglianico wine makes for an excellent accompaniment to red meat dishes such as ribeye or sirloin steak, pasta dishes with rich sauces, or desserts that feature chocolate or peppery flavors. As Aglianico can have bold tannins that need time to settle out over time, look for older vintages which have had time to soften.


Lagrein is an obscure grape variety that is experiencing something of a comeback, particularly in Trentino-Alto Adige (also known as Sudtirol in Austria).

This high-altitude mountainous region boasts stunning snow-capped peaks that serve as its backdrop and offers some of Italy's most stunning wines, such as those produced from this varietal: velvety wines with notes of dark berries and exotic spices that boast velvety textures and full bodies.

This bold Italian wine, often described as similar to Cabernet Sauvignon, boasts delicious notes of black cherry, white peppercorn and spiced plum. As your bottle ages further, look out for aromas like Chinese five-spice, damson and cacao that become apparent. Pair this delectable beverage with hearty meat dishes, game dishes or smoked fish dishes for optimal enjoyment.


Sagrantino is an elegant wine with an exceptional tannic structure. These wines boast rich, full-bodied aromas of black fruit, plums, cinnamon and licorice; an outstanding aging capacity and remarkable versatility; they can even be produced either dry or sweet; the latter typically aged in oak for at least one year to develop flavors of vanilla and roast coffee.

Montefalco in Umbria is home to this rare variety, which boasts thick skins that make it one of the tannic grapes. However, few producers had the dedication and determination necessary to bring this gem out into the world as a dry wine option.

Looking for vintages of six or more years will allow the tannins time to soften, while pairing this bold wine with hearty meat dishes or pasta with bolognese sauce will complete your experience.

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